Custom FSK services

LLN - Testing tool for VET FEE-HELP:

  • FSK Specialist has experience developing LLN testing instruments and processes for VET FEE-HELP submission. We understand the requirements for submission and can write all the documents required for a successful submission, including:


    • Mapping documents
    • Specifications for approval
    • LLN testing tool user guide
    • LLN testing instrument for VET FEE-HELP providers


    Development of an original LLN assessment tool for VET FEE-HELP would progress according to the three-stage plan shown below:


  • Create all the documents necessary for submission
  • Arrange for external validation and the creation of a Checklist of auditable requirements for LLN testing instruments
  • Submit all paperwork to the Department of Education and Training
  • Contact FSK Specialist to find out how we can collaborate on your organisation’s original LLN testing tool and processes for VET FEE-HELP.